Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage (BDM) is an holistic therapy looking at how a person's emotional state has created physical symptoms within the body (The name is derived from 'bio' as in 'life' and 'dynamic' as in 'motion'). It incorporates a range of techniques that work at the physical and emotional levels to restore muscle and tissue tone, stimulate the body to digest stress and allow a return to a natural relaxed and resting state.
Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy are techniques for directly relieving bodily discomfort through massage and this can lead to a more relaxed state as a by-product. BDM goes deeper and looks at the flow of energy throughout the body to find underlying causes that can manifest as stress, difficulty in sleeping and/or recurring aches and pains. I do not use oils in this technique and instead of making strokes towards the heart they are made from the core to the periphery.
 Past traumas can be held in the body tissues at all levels; even in the bone; and treatments can restore Homeostasis or balance and help you to feel more fully alive. If you have had massage before you may have been aware of your abdomen making gurgling noises during the treatments and in BDM I am particularly looking out for these. This is a sign of the body digesting the experiences that have been stored in the body and is called psycho-peristalsis.
In BDM, the massage movements are mainly different to the ones used in my other massage therapies. They vary depending on the energy level of the client, how they feel that day, and their body type. There is more mutual involvement in this therapy where I would ask you more about how you feel during the work and to tell me if any feelings come up for you. It is a joint exploration where we work together rather than you relaxing and perhaps switching off. This is to increase and deepen the mind/body connection to promote healing. At the end of the session there is time to relax for ten minutes on your side before getting up.
This therapy is suitable for those who feel vulnerable, fragmented, shut down or overwhelmed and can help chronic conditions such as insomnia, headaches and digestive problems. I can work over light clothing and in certain circumstances can work just above the body too. This therapy is not so well known and if you want to know more about it I recommend the following sites:
Each treatment is approximately one hour's duration and costs £40. A number of weekly sessions are recommended, discussed on an individual basis according to need, and so involves more of a commitment from us both compared to the more ad hoc techniques.