Meditation can be blissful!Meditation is an ancient method of gaining insight into the true nature of reality. Over 2,500 years ago, the Buddha attained Enlightenment by skilful use of this concentration technique. In todays hectic, high pressure world it is becoming increasingly valued as the best method of Mindfulness training. There are many Meditation techniques aimed at developing mindful awareness; the one I practice and advocate is called Vipassanā or Insight Meditation. I have been practicing this for thirty plus years and often attend silent retreats at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. I offer training in Vipassanā techniques for individuals and small groups. This includes free meditation literature provided by Amaravati and information about Meditation groups in this locality. In line with the Buddhist tradition, I make no charge for teaching Vipassanā although donations are accepted.

I have a small informal  meditation group that meets at my house once a month usually on the first wednesday  starting at 7.30 pm. We meditate for half an hour followed by tea and biscuits and watch a discourse on You Tube. The evening finishes about 10pm. Anyone can leave early and again it is donation only. Please phone first to confirm the date.

I also have a garden room that I let out during the week and it can be available on a nightly basis for anyone wanting a quiet space for meditation or relaxation. The cost per night is £20 self catering. An aromatherapy,reflexology or reiki treatment may be available during your stay at a reduced rate. There is a small private garden to sit in and the use of the conservatory.