Foot MassageReflexology is an ancient therapy based on the theory that every part of the body 'maps' to a corresponding region of the foot (left or right; sometimes both). It involves massaging the feet (a very relaxing and healing experience in its own right), paying particular attention to those parts of the feet that correspond to a different part of the body where discomfort or pain is being felt.

Reflexology is sometimes the only hands-on therapy that can be applied if the problem area cannot be touched directly due to intensity of pain or because it is located internally. In such instances, there will be a much less painful sensation in the 'reflected' areas of the feet and by massaging these, the actual problem area is given a soothing treatment without direct contact being involved.

I have been a practicing Reflexologist since I qualified in 1995. In this work, my previous background in Nursing has proved invaluable (I trained as a State Registered Nurse at Charing Cross Hospital, London). My therapy room is fully equipped with everything from a sophisticated sound system with a wide range of relaxing music CD's to choose from, to blood pressure measuring equipment.

My normal fees are £35 per 1 hour session at my own facilities in Exeter Road, Newmarket. I also have a portable setup for those requiring treatment in the comfort of their own homes. For a Home Visiting quotation (based on distance from Exeter Road), please contact me with details of your home address (including postcode).