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Individual and group Tarot readings and tuition, at your premises or mine.

I have been a professional Tarot Reader since 1990 and have found it to be a beautiful spiritual aid to living one's life. The Tarot reminds that life is a matter of constant change, so we should be careful not to get too carried away, either by good fortune or bad. The Tarot is composed of 78 cards, of which 22 are the Major Arcana. Each Major Arcana card represents a particular archetype (an aspect of the personality according to Jungian psychology). We tend to express, or identify with, a different archetype at each phase of life's unfolding journey. This is where the Tarot is so ingenious and useful for our well-being.

For those who have not used the Tarot in this way, I have created an introductory page entitled Tarot Readings. It is available here.

I have given many talks and teachings on this journey through the Major Arcana, which is symbolic of our own journey through life. This gentle introduction to the wisdom of the cards takes about an hour.  I can teach this instead of, or as well as, a more traditional Tarot reading. This also takes about an hour.

Psychologically sound and intuitive, my readings are given in person in a quiet meditative atmosphere. The Tarot is a valuable tool that can reflect your life situation and can help shed light on current issues such as relationship, career, family, life path and spiritual journey. It can provide clarity and perspective about your progress through this incredible, intoxicating and hazardous adventure we call "life".

Fees for private consultations are £40 (concessions are available). Fees for group presentations and tuition are by prior negotiation. To get in touch with me, click here.